It’s All About Women

The more deeply I study the questions of sexual ethics that face our modern culture, the more often I see this theme of women and the role of the woman as central to the discussion.

Whether it’s polyamory, homosexuality, contraception, marriage, virginity, family…everything related to sex in the Bible seems to hinge around this question of female agency and sexuality.

If you assume that women and men are equal before God, your conclusions on all of these subjects will be different than if you assume people born with a p*nis are somehow higher in status, role, authority, etc. than people born without one. [note: this phrasing was intentional]

Consider some of the most influential theological frameworks that have shaped our modern church:


This view can be traced all the way back to Aristotle. And although it is effectively counteracted by the writings of Aquinas, this seems to be the common consensus regarding the inferiority of women.

Click here for a more thorough exposition of Aquinas and how this quote may actually be refuted by the overall context of his work.

So we must come back to the question: Did God create humans with equality or not? What do we mean by equality? 

How much of understanding and beliefs about gender roles is due to cultural paradigms? And what can we learn from scripture that can inform this conversation?

Conclusion…for now

In the end, I don’t think there is an easy answer to this question on the nature/role of women. As a man, I don’t feel entirely qualified to answer it. However, I see this question beginning to loom over my entire body of work in ethics and I don’t think I will be able to stop writing until I have fully addressed it.

Until that time, thank you for your support, and please take a moment to check out the work of these incredible women unpacking some misconceptions about what the Bible has to say in this subject.





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