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Introducing Sacred not Sinful: A New Christian Sexual Ethic!

In this book, I explore the intersection of faith and sexuality, offering a fresh perspective on how Christians can approach and understand this complex topic.

In an era where conversations about sexuality often lead to division and judgment, this book seeks to foster understanding and compassion. It encourages readers to embrace a perspective rooted in truth, love, and the inherent dignity of every individual.

Throughout the pages of this book, I delve into biblical teachings, church history, and contemporary discussions surrounding sexuality. My aim is to provide guidance and support for individuals navigating their own beliefs and experiences within the Christian faith.

My goal is to challenge traditional notions that may have caused harm, and instead, present a framework that celebrates sexuality as a sacred aspect of the Christian experience. I invite readers to critically engage with the Biblical text, reflecting on their own views, and considering how they can contribute to a more free and faithful Christian community.

Whether you are a seeker, a Christian struggling with questions about sexuality, or a leader of individuals within the Church, Sacred not Sinful: A New Christian Sexual Ethic offers a thought-provoking exploration that aims to instigate meaningful dialogue and foster a more open and honest faith community.

In 2018, Joshua Harris kissed purity culture goodbye and called into question the evangelical sexual ethic shared by Rob Bell and Matthew Vines that marriage makes it moral.
I was 30 years old and had (re)constructed my relationship with God, but I was still looking for the Bible verse, “thou shalt not have premarital sex”…and facetiously hoping the rapture would come before I lost every man’s battle, again.
As a single Christian, there were only two options for a healthy sex life: “don’t do it” or “don’t judge me.”
I judged, because the only examples of sex that I saw were rooted in lust, objectified women, and resulted in fear, guilt, and shame. Sheila Wray Gregoire and others were beginning to uncover the reasons why #metoo was rapidly evolving into #churchtoo, but I already knew…
I knew the time had come for me to choose between God and Sex. This book is my story of how I made that choice, and what I discovered along the way that would change my life forever!

Published by AndWyn Ltd.

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